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    Den Live

    11 - 12 December, 2017
    Business Design Centre

    Drone Zone

    Drone Zone

    Transforming enterprise and reducing cost with drone powered businesses

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    About the Summit

    Advances in technology are leading to massive opportunities for drones in the enterprise environment. They are an effective cost reducer in construction and field environments, in agriculture as a delivery mechanism and, increasingly, for surveying. The scope is growing and service providers are already in their tens of thousands. This programme looks at practical case studies for how they are already being used, alongside future visions for how to develop drone powered businesses.

    The deep-dive seminar programme offers an ideal platform to uncover the latest innovations, get an update on emerging trends and create a complete picture for your business beyond rushed overviews typical at large trade events. This interactive programme offers insight into key strategies and lessons learned to ensure you are taking advantage of this emerging cost-saving technology.

    With regulations changing and technology advances providing much potential for drone powered businesses, there is an increasing need to ensure on-time and on-budget deployment.

    Who attends the summit

    Who attends from enterprises?

    • IT Director/Head/Manager
    • Security Heads
    • Legal Heads
    • Marketing Director/Head
    • Procurement Director/Head
    • Customer Service

    Who sponsors or attends from vendors?

    • Hardware (processor, control system, sensor, camera, battery)
    • Software (navigation system, comm system, loading system)
    • Automated drones
    • Sensor technology
    • Imaging and mapping software
    • Insurance and law
    • Testing and certification
    Den Live

    Key Topics:

    • An overview of drone potential in an enterprise environment
    • Success stories: drones in action and lessons learned
    • Regulation update: the increasing scope of drones
    • The future of drone fleets and delivery

    Day 1 Agenda: Monday, December 11th, 2017

    Day 2 Agenda: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

    Transforming enterprise: Creating a drone powered business

    9:45 The movement of UAVs into enterprise: how is it evolving?
    10:15 Advancing applications: What sectors will drones provide most value?
    10:45 What will the drone powered businesses of the future look like?

    Success stories: Implementing drones successfully

    11:45 Utilising drones for next generation agriculture: The Practicalities

    Chris Wray, Director, Wray Farms

    12:15 Deploying drones in the police force

    Andrew Hamilton, Director, Drone Camera Action

    12:45 Utilising drones for rescue operations

    Séamus Kearns, Head of Operations, Surrey Search and Rescue

    Regulatory frameworks: Evolving scope for drones in enterprise

    1:45 Challenges and opportunities in commercialising drones for enterprise
    2:15 Safe integration and the regulatory environment for drones
    2:45 A look at safety: Can human error ever be eliminated?

    The future of drone fleets and delivery

    3:45 Are drones a powerful tool for the future or a fad: A look at trends
    4:15 What does the drone powered business of the future look like?
    4:45 Technology update:The next generation of disruption
    5:15 End of Drone Zone

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