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    11 - 12 December, 2017
    Business Design Centre

    Smart Security

    Smart Security

    Delivering smart security infrastructure in a digital environment

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    About the Summit

    85 per cent of IT professionals list smart security as a priority. As technology evolves and digitisation increases, risk management and security must be similarly transformed. Digital business is here and the principles of business security and security practices must measure up to this new reality. IT risk and information security needs to become a digital enabler and a new paradigm for security needs to be embraced.

    The deep-dive seminar programme offers an ideal platform to uncover the latest innovations, get an update on emerging trends and create a complete picture for your business beyond rushed overviews typical at large trade events. This interactive programme offers insight into key strategies and lessons learned to ensure smarter security for a digital age.

    With technology moving fast, enterprises must ensure risk management and security strategies can stay ahead in an increased connected world. How do we make security solutions smarter?

    Who attends the summit

    Who attends from enterprises?

    • C-Suite
    • IT Director/Head/Manager
    • Procurement Director/Head/Manager
    • Digital and Innovation Leads
    • Directors of Information Security
    • Directors of Risk and Audit
    • Directors of Security
    • Directors of IT
    • Directors of Transformation
    • Heads of Cyber/Corporate Security
    • Security Advisors
    • Security Architectss

    Who sponsors or attends from vendors?

    • Operators
    • Network security suppliers
    • Intrusion, prevention, detection vendors
    • Encryption and authentication solutions
    • Data and cloud security solutions
    • Secure transaction solutions
    • Consultants
    Den Live

    Key Topics include:

    • Predict, prevent, detect, respond:is this methodology outdated? 
    • Digital security as a business enabler
    • Developing and delivering security strategies successfully
    • Security of things: protection in a connected world

    Day 1 Agenda: Monday, December 11th, 2017

    Security infrastructure in a digital environment

    9:20 Practical challenges and tips on implementing GDPR

    Steve Wright, Chief Data Privacy Officer, John Lewis

    9:40 Overcoming challenges to meet modern needs

    Phil Cracknell, Global Chief Information Security Officer, Homeserve PLC

    10:00 Predict, Prevent, Detect, Respond: How cyber insurance is integrating with cyber security

    Mark Camillo, Head of Cyber and Professional Indemnity, AIG

    10:20 The disruptive CISO: Connect is the new protect

    Ad Kirke, Chief Information Security Officer, DSM

    10:40 Engineering secure digital transformation – learning from experience

    Aldus Whitfield, Head of Digital Solutions, BAE Systems

    11:00 Networking coffee break
    11:40 CISOs at the interface of the changing business world

    Stuart Aston, National Security Officer, Microsoft UK 

    12:00 People, process and culture: The key to smarter security

    Mieke Kooij, Security Director, Trainline

    12:20 Ensuring security is not a barrier to innovation

    Thom Langford, Chief Information Security Officer, Publicis Re:Sources

    12:40 Does technology acceleration make more robust security imperative?

    Mun Valiji, Chief Information Security Officer, Sainsbury's

    13:00 Networking lunch break
    14:15 Defence grade security for an open world

    Samsung Knox

    14:35 Taking responsibility: Encouraging a culture of accountability

    Chris Kubecka, Owner, Hypasec

    14:55 An inside perspective on cyber-hacks: Where are you vulnerable?

    Mustafa Al-Bassam, Information Security Advisor, Secure Trading

    15:15 Networking coffee break
    16:00 What will the future cyber resilient business look like?

    Paul Edmunds, Head of Technology, National Cyber Crime Unit

    16:20 Securing the Internet of Things

    Roger Shepherd, Ambassador, IoT Security Foundation

    16:40 Looking forward: What are the biggest challenges facing security professionals?

    Jane Frankland, Managing Director, Cyber Security Capital

    17:00 End of Smart Security Seminar

    Day 2 Agenda: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

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