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    Den Live

    11 - 12 December, 2017
    Business Design Centre

    The Connected Customer: Data, Mobile, Automation & Storytelling

    The Connected Customer: Data, Mobile, Automation & Storytelling

    Reinventing customer experience to drive revenues

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    About the Summit

    With more devices, more content and more data than ever before, customer experience will ultimately determine the winners and losers of digital reinvention. Analysis and integration are necessary to meet a customer’s increasingly dynamic needs and ensuring personalised and relevant interactions is key.

    Messaging to the consumer must be cognitive, digital and mobile. Data has the power to create actionable insights to deliver transformative experiences but the way that businesses interact with customers must be re-imagined.

    The deep-dive seminar programme offers an ideal platform to uncover the latest innovations, get an update on emerging trends and create a complete picture for your business beyond rushed overviews typical at large trade events. This interactive programme offers insight into key strategies and lessons learned to ensure modern marketing strategies to meet new expectations and drive revenue.

    With customers demanding a personalised and integrated service, how do enterprises transform customer service and sales functions to drive revenue?

    Who attends the summit

    Who attends from enterprises?

    • IT Director/Head/Manager
    • Marketing Director/Head/Manager
    • Sales Director/Head/Manager
    • Procurement Director/Head/Manager
    • DevOps
    • Customer Service
    • UX Directors and Designers

    Who sponsors or attends from vendors?

    • Infra hardware, software and storage
    • Analytics and applications
    • Data management platforms
    • Cross platform marketing automation
    • Brand/social analysis
    • Mobile analytics
    • Network security
    • Financial investors and R&D
    Den Live

    Key Topics include:

    • The future of storytelling; using storytelling as a sales tool
    • Data science disruption: understanding the customer
    • Integration of traditional and digital media
    • Personalisation to maximise ROI

    As we are finding ourselves in the early days of an artificial intelligence revolution, I’m looking forward to the Telegraph's Digital Enterprise Network carrying  the AI torch to businesses across the UK.

    ​Michael Natusch, Global Head of AI, Prudential

    Day 1 Agenda: Monday, December 11th, 2017

    The connected customer revolution: How do we meet modern needs

    9:45 How to be a winner in the digital reinvention
    10:10 Innovating customer experience to meet evolving needs

    Ashley George, Global Head of Innovation, GlaxoSmithKline

    10:45 AI is your friend: A practical view for contact centres

    Mikhail Naumov, Co-Founder and CSO, DigitalGenius

    11:30 Reimagining customer interaction to meet digital needs

    Janine Albrecht-Webb, GM Digital &technical marketing integration, Shell 

    Cognitive, Digital & mobile: delivering transformative customer experience

    11:45 Creating a customer-first business model.

    Karen Barrett, CEO Unbiased

    12:15 Getting through to the connected customer: Using tech as a USP

    Bruce Casalis, Founder, Doggy Day Care

    12:45 Understanding customer trends and delivering a better experience

    Matt Lovell, Head of Customer Insight, Jack WIlls

    Unified marketing strategies: integration of traditional and digital media

    14:00 Delivering meaningful customer experience

    Vijayanta Gupta, Product & Industry Marketing Lead, EMEA, Adobe

    14:15 Becoming a digital-first business to increase revenues

    Kenneth Brown, Managing Director, Robinsons Shoes

    14:45 Being heard in an increasing sea of voices

    Personalisation and storytelling as a sales tool

    15:45 Delivering personalised experiences to reach customers

    Pete Durant, Digital Partnerships & Social Media, Comic Relief

    16:15 Using technology to personalise experience

    Oleksandra Rohachova, CEO, INKHUNTER

    16:45 The future of storytelling to drive revenue
    17:15 End of Connected Customer: Data, Mobile, Automation & Storytelling

    Day 2 Agenda: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

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