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    Den Live

    11 - 12 December, 2017
    Business Design Centre


    An unmatched line-up of over 200 industry experts delivering business critical lessons-learned

    As Britain's leading quality daily news publisher with a reach of millions of the industry's leading experts on our mult-platform channels, our expert speak line-ups are unmatched in terms of industry status, knowledge and depth.

    • Clare Barclay

      Clare Barclay

      Chief Operating Officer
      Microsoft UK

    • Mayank Prakash

      Mayank Prakash

      Director General, Chief Digital and Information Officer
      Department for Work and Pensions

    • Don Langford

      Don Langford

      Senior Vice-President, Technology
      Virgin Atlantic

    • James McClure

      James McClure

      GM Northern Europe

    • Mike Hyde

      Mike Hyde

      Analytics Director

    • Nick Williams

      Nick Williams

      Managing Director, Consumer & Commercial Digital
      Lloyds Banking Group

    • Adam Forde

      Adam Forde


    • Damien Poelhekke

      Damien Poelhekke

      Country Manager

    • Michael Wignall

      Michael Wignall

      Chief Technology Officer
      Microsoft UK

    • Stuart Aston

      Stuart Aston

      National Security Officer
      Microsoft UK

    • Lisa Barrett

      Lisa Barrett

      Ministry of Justice UK

    • David Ivell

      David Ivell

      The Prince’s Trust

    • Tony Gosling

      Tony Gosling

      Chief Digital Officer, RSBG Investments/former DIO Director Data, Analytics & Insight
      RSBG Investments/Ministry of Defence

    • Michael Natusch

      Michael Natusch

      Global Head of AI

    • Louise McCarthy

      Louise McCarthy

      Digital Transformation Director
      Various Finance Organisations

    • Stephen Cave

      Stephen Cave

      Executive Director
      Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence

    • Neil Crockett

      Neil Crockett

      Chief Digital Officer
      Rolls Royce

    • Mun Valiji

      Mun Valiji

      Chief Information Security Officer

    • John O'Donnell

      John O'Donnell

      Chief Technology Officer

    • Mark Evans

      Mark Evans

      Head of IT
      Rider Levett Bucknall

    • Karl Hoods

      Karl Hoods

      Save the Children

    • Mark Camillo

      Mark Camillo

      Head of Cyber & Professional Indemnity

    • Phil Cracknell

      Phil Cracknell

      Global CISO
      HomeServe PLC

    • Dave Shepherd

      Dave Shepherd

      Digital Innovation Lab Lead
      Syngenta Global

    • Matt Clifford

      Matt Clifford

      Co-Founder and Chief Executive
      Entrepreneur First

    • Graham Lawrie

      Graham Lawrie

      Director of Innovation & Outreach
      Sevenoaks School

    • Paul Excell

      Paul Excell

      Executive Director
      ScaleUp Group UK

    • Mark Sage

      Mark Sage

      Executive Director
      AR for Enterprise Alliance

    • Mieke Kooij

      Mieke Kooij

      Security Director

    • Andrew Isenman

      Andrew Isenman

      Head of Innovation

    • Steve Wright

      Steve Wright

      Chief Data Privacy Officer
      John Lewis

    • Ashley George

      Ashley George

      Global Head of Innovation

    • Amer Mohammed

      Amer Mohammed

      Head of Digital Innovations
      Stena Line

    • Kalman Tiboldi

      Kalman Tiboldi

      Chief Business Innovation Officer
      TVH Group

    • George Zarkadakis

      George Zarkadakis

      Digital Lead
      Willis Towers Watson

    • Chrissie Lightfoot

      Chrissie Lightfoot

      Chief Executive Officer
      Robot Lawyer LISA

    • Janine Albrecht-Webb

      Janine Albrecht-Webb

      GM Digital & technical marketing integration

    • Sarah Ellis

      Sarah Ellis

      Director of Digital Development
      Royal Shakespeare Company

    • Pete Durant

      Pete Durant

      Head of Digital Marketing and Social Media
      Endemol Shine UK

    • Paul Davies

      Paul Davies

      Director IT Services
      University of Sussex

    • Jean-Pierre Rabbath

      Jean-Pierre Rabbath

      Chief Product Officer & VP Analytics

    • Carlo Torniai

      Carlo Torniai

      Head of Data Science & Analytics

    • Marija Butkovic

      Marija Butkovic

      Chief Executive Officer
      Women of Wearables

    • Stephen Leece

      Stephen Leece

      Managing Director
      Citi Logik

    • Tim Pullan

      Tim Pullan

      Founder and CEO

    • Nigel Hilditch

      Nigel Hilditch

      Director Video, Europe

    • Rick Allan

      Rick Allan

      Head of Delivery Capability
      Zurich Insurance

    • Paul Edmunds

      Paul Edmunds

      Head of Technology
      National Cyber Crime Unit

    • Steven Armstrong

      Steven Armstrong

      Principal Automation Engineer,
      Paddy Power Betfair

    • Thom Langford

      Thom Langford

      Chief Information Security Officer
      Publicis Re:Sources

    • Karen Barrett

      Karen Barrett


    • Priya Lakhani OBE

      Priya Lakhani OBE

      Century-Tech / Entrepreneur Forum

    • Grimur Fjeldsted

      Grimur Fjeldsted

      Chief Digital Officer
      Transform XO

    • Max Jair Ortiz Catalan

      Max Jair Ortiz Catalan

      Associate Professor
      Chalmers University of Technology

    • Tom Clark

      Tom Clark

      Head of Common Platform

    • Chris Watkins

      Chris Watkins

      Professor, Artificial Intelligence
      Royal Holloway

    • Seamus Kearns

      Seamus Kearns

      Head of Operations
      Surrey Search and Rescue

    • Andrew Hamilton

      Andrew Hamilton

      Drone Unit Manager
      Devon and Cornwall Police

    • Chris Wray

      Chris Wray

      Wray Farms

    • Simon Jones

      Simon Jones

      Managing Partner / Editor
      Destrier Communications / Wearable Tech Watch

    • Matt Webb

      Matt Webb

      Managing Director, IoT Venture Studio
      R/GA Venture Studio

    • Paul Copping

      Paul Copping

      Smart City Advisor
      Digital Greenwich

    • Will Venters

      Will Venters

      Assistant Professor
      London School of Economics

    • Isabel Van De Keere

      Isabel Van De Keere

      Immersive Rehab

    • Jane Frankland

      Jane Frankland

      Managing Director & Founder
      Cyber Security Capital

    • Dean Johnson

      Dean Johnson

      Head of Innovation

    • Mike Plimsoll

      Mike Plimsoll

      Industry Marketing Director
      Adobe Systems Europe

    • Kenneth Brown

      Kenneth Brown

      Managing Director
      Robinsons Shoes

    • Bengu Atamer

      Bengu Atamer

      Co-Founder & Director

    • Martin Percy

      Martin Percy

      Bafta Winning
      VR Director

    • Christophe Mallet

      Christophe Mallet

      Somewhere Else

    • Bruce Casalis

      Bruce Casalis

      Doggy Day Care

    • Adam Levene

      Adam Levene


    • Aurelien Simon

      Aurelien Simon

      Head of Immersive
      Digital Catapult

    • Tom Williams

      Tom Williams

      Co-Founder & CEO

    • Vijayanta Gupta

      Vijayanta Gupta

      Head of Product and Industry Marketing
      Adobe Systems Europe

    • Ashley Cowan

      Ashley Cowan

      CEO & Co-Founder
      East City Films and VR City

    • Marisol Grandon

      Marisol Grandon

      Founder & CEO
      Unfold Stories

    • Christopher Freeman

      Christopher Freeman

      Augmented Reality Technical Fellow
      University of Sheffield (AMRC)

    • Barry Downes

      Barry Downes

      Managing Partner
      Suir Valley Ventures

    • Jamie Brighton

      Jamie Brighton

      Product & Industry Marketing
      Adobe EMEA

    • Ayelet Noff

      Ayelet Noff

      Founder & CEO
      Blonde 2.0

    • Igor Kovalev

      Igor Kovalev

      IT Manager UK
      Ford Motor Company

    • Tom Nelson

      Tom Nelson

      Creative Producer
      Royal Opera House

    • Alastair Barrow

      Alastair Barrow

      Generic Robotics

    • Nadine Hachach-Haram

      Nadine Hachach-Haram

      Surgeon and Co-founder

    • Chris Kubecka

      Chris Kubecka


    • Karen Holden

      Karen Holden

      A City Law Firm

    • Themis Mavridis

      Themis Mavridis

      Data Scientist, Machine Learning

    • Mustafa Al-Bassam

      Mustafa Al-Bassam

      Information Security Advisor
      Secure Trading

    • Coen Sanderink

      Coen Sanderink

      Business Development
      Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij

    • Bas Roozen

      Bas Roozen

      AR Industries

    • Ruud Dullens

      Ruud Dullens

      Board Member
      Blue Tea

    • Vasco Pedro

      Vasco Pedro

      CEO & Co-Founder

    • Birgitte Andersen

      Birgitte Andersen

      CEO & Co-Creator
      Big Innovation Centre

    • Amir Elichai

      Amir Elichai

      Founder & CEO
      Reporty Homeland Security

    • J. Mark Bishop

      J. Mark Bishop

      Professor of Cognitive Computation & Director, TCIDA (Tungsten Centre for Intelligent Data Analytics)

    • David Braun

      David Braun

      Chief Executive Officer and Founder

    • Marek Havrda

      Marek Havrda

      Strategic Adviser

    • Dan Ziv

      Dan Ziv

      Managing Director & Chief Product Officer

    • Ad Krikke

      Ad Krikke

      Corporate Information Security Officer

    • Roger Sheperd

      Roger Sheperd

      Ambassador, IoT Security Foundation
      Managing Director, Chipless Ltd

    • Paul Rigby

      Paul Rigby


    • James Simpson

      James Simpson

      Lighting Visualisation
      Royal Opera House

    • Darren Savage

      Darren Savage

      Chief Strategy Officer
      Tribal Worldwide London

    • Chris Sawyer

      Chris Sawyer

      Head of Data Solutions
      BAE Systems

    • Aldus Whitfield

      Aldus Whitfield

      Head of Digital Solutions
      BAE Systems

    • Emily Forbes

      Emily Forbes

      Seenit Ltd

    • Brenda Loughlin

      Brenda Loughlin

      Customer Experience Manager

    • Michael Tarbet

      Michael Tarbet

      Vice President, Sales
      Logic Monitor

    • Ben Hutchinson

      Ben Hutchinson

      Senior Solutions Consultant

    • Celia Pronto

      Celia Pronto

      Chief Digital Officer & Member of Executive Board
      Casual Dining Group

    • Mark Wright

      Mark Wright

      Climb Online (Apprentice winner)

    • Rohan Gosain

      Rohan Gosain

      Product Evangelist

    • Joanna Webb

      Joanna Webb

      Head of Immersive Learning Design and Development

    • Mark Chillingworth

      Mark Chillingworth

      Horizon CIO Podcast

    • Yoram Bachrach

      Yoram Bachrach

      Head of Research

    • David Bomphrey

      David Bomphrey

      Director of Strategic Partnerships, EMEA
      Jaunt VR

    • Mark Spelman

      Mark Spelman

      Head of Thought Leadership
      World Economic Forum

    • Amit Samani

      Amit Samani

      Regional Manager

    • Maarten Witteveen

      Maarten Witteveen

      Chief Technology Officer

    • Chris Kellner

      Chris Kellner

      Head of Partnerships EMEA
      Digital Genius

    • Noel Lyons

      Noel Lyons

      Director, Digital Design

    • Chris Taylor

      Chris Taylor

      Chief Information Officer
      The Telegraph

    • Chris Michaels

      Chris Michaels

      Digital Director
      National Gallery

    • Adam Ray

      Adam Ray

      Chief Innovation Officer

    • Jason Lovell

      Jason Lovell

      Director of Brand Partnerships, EMEA
      Jaunt VR

    • Freddie Darbyshire

      Freddie Darbyshire

      Capability & Opportunity Lead for Advanced Analytics

    • Clem Chambers

      Clem Chambers

      CEO and Founder

    • Tom Whipp

      Tom Whipp

      Charles Taylor InsureTech Limited

    • Dr Paula Parpart

      Dr Paula Parpart

      Director of Data Science
      Brainpool AI

    We find ourselves in the truly competitive global market. For UK companies and the wider UK economy to prosper we must embrace digital transformation in its many forms. The creation of the Telegraph’s Digital Enterprise Network will help provide insight and direction. I’m excited to be part of this initiative.

    Mark Sage, Executive Director, AR for Enterprise Alliance

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