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    Den Live

    11 - 12 December, 2017
    Business Design Centre

    AR, VR & Wearables

    AR, VR & Wearables

    Reinventing customer & employee experiences to enhance service & reduce cost

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    About the Summit

    Immersive technologies will not only help to reinvent employee and customer experiences but have the potential for cost reduction, training enhancement and improving collaboration and communication across your business. This premium summit – the only conference to be focused exclusively on AR, VR and wearables for enterprise, is a must for anyone looking to implement new technology to enhance business performance and reduce costs.

    The summit includes deep dives on technology developments alongside concise takeaways from businesses that have already begun the wearables VR and AR journey; lessons learnt and mistakes to avoid.

    With technology moving fast and the dedicated enterprise audience seeking to learn about the future of AR, VR and wearables in the business environment,this is the dedicated show to get practical takeaways from enterprises adopting this technology and uncover next generation solutions. 

    Who attends the summit

    Who Attends from enterprises?

    • C-Level
    • IT Directors/Heads/Managers
    • Procurement Director/Heads
    • Marketing Director/Heads
    • DevOps Professionals
    • Customer Experience Directors/Heads

    Who Sponsors or attends from vendors?

    • Tech giants
    • Operators
    • Device manufacturers 
    • 360 degree cameras
    • System software
    • Content providers and studios
    • Distribution platforms
    • Cross platform marketing automation
    • Chip vendors
    • Integrators
    • Testing and certification
    • Wearable products
    • Financial investors
    • R&D firms
    Den Live

    Key topics

    • Impact on consumer experience and marketing; storytelling with tech
    • Immersive tech for employee engagement, training and cost reduction
    • Sector case studies: Immersive tech success stories and lessons learnt
    • Aligning tech innovation with business strategy
    • Developing immersive tech: Technology masterclass

    Day 1 Agenda: Monday, December 11th, 2017

    Industry leader fireside chats: Embracing and exploiting enterprise transformation

    With technology reshaping how we work and live, the disruptive impact on companies has made digital transformation a business imperative. Digital is expected to add US $1 trillion to the world economy by 2020 and businesses that don’t evolve will no longer be competitive. ‘Digital Masters are 26% more profitable than industry peers’* and this gap looks set to increase. This session features intimate, strategic insights from industry leaders with interactive interview-style fireside-chats.

    *Capgemini consulting research report

    • Planning effectively for digital transformation

    • Seeing digital transformation as an opportunity not a threat

    • What will the secure digital workplace of the future look like?

    Chairman: Chris Taylor, Chief Information Officer, The Telegraph

    9:00 Interview 1: Samsung Knox


    9:15 Interview 2: Clare Barclay, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft UK
    9:30 Interview 3
    9:45 Ask the leaders

    Your chance to interact with our C-level panel and pose your questions via our interactive Q&A system.  Delegates can vote for their favourite questions and get unparalleled industry insight.

    Clare Barclay, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft UK 

    Samsung Knox

    10:30 Networking Break & Exhibitor Demos

    Are we at a tipping point for AR, VR & Wearables for enterprise?

    While much of the hype around AR, VR & Wearables has been focused on the consumer market, business applications are beginning to drive growth and have major implications for customer experience, employee engagement and costs. Commercial deployments have already begun so does this represent a tipping point for how VR/AR and wearables are perceived in the enterprise world and how do we fulfill the potential they hold? 

    • The potential of immersive tech and wearables for enterprises 
    • Deploying AR/VR for business benefits  
    • What verticals will most benefit from advancing technology 

    Chair: Mark Sage, Executive Director, AR for Enterprise Alliance

    11:10 ​Fulfiling the potential for AR for enterprise

    Mark Sage, Executive Director, AR for Enterprise Alliance

    11:25 Making VR an integral part of society and business

    Dean Johnson, Head of Innovation, Brandwidth

    11:40 Wearables and immersive tech in the workplace: Maximising potential and range of deployments

    Grimur Fjeldsted, Chief Digital Officer, Transform XO

    11:55 How brands are effectually harnessing VR’s incredible storytelling power

    Jason Lovell, Director of Brand Partnerships, EMEA, Jaunt VR

    12:10 Can Wearables really work in the workforce?

    Simon Jones, Managing Partner/Editor, Destrier Communications/Wearable Tech Watch

    12:25 Panel session: Are we at a tipping point for AR, VR & Wearables for enterprise?


    Grimur Fjeldsted, Chief Digital Officer, Transform XO

    Mark Sage, Executive Director, AR for Enterprise Alliance

    Jason Lovell, Director of Brand Partnerships, Jaunt VR

    Simon Jones, Managing Partner/ Editor,  Destrier  Communications/Wearable Tech Watch

    Christopher Freeman, Augmented Reality Technical Fellow, University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)

    Dean Johnson, Head of Innovation, Brandwidth

    12:55 Networking Lunch & Exhibitor Demos

    Enhancing service and customer experience

    Wearables, VR and AR have amazing potential to improve service and experience, increase loyalty and drive revenues. From digital showrooms and remote instructions to 'gamification', there are multiple opportunities to create customer service and experience strategies through technology.  This session looks at deployment strategies and success stories to impact customer experience and drive revenue growth

    • Deploying AR and VR to drive customer experience

    • Defining a customer strategy  for new tech innovations

    • A roadmap for successful deployment

    Chair: Mark Sage, Executive Director, AR for Enterprise Alliance

    14:00 Improving the customer experience through mixed reality
    14:15 Using emerging technology to create better patient service

    Isabel Van De Keere, Founder, Immersive Rehab

    14:30 Can deploying new immersive technology really impact customer experience

    Chris Michaels, Digital Director, National Gallery 

    14:45 Creating Immersive entertainment experiences
    15:00 Responding to consumer demand: The VR story at the BBC

    David Johnston, Senior Product Manager (VR), BBC

    15:15 Panel session: Enhancing experience and service with VR/AR and Wearables


    Ashley Cowan, CEO & Co-founder, East City Films & VR City

    Chris Michaels, Digital Director, The National Gallery

    Marija Butkovic, Co-founder, Women of Wearables

    Isabel Van De Keere, Founder, Immersive Rehab

    Nigel Hilditch, Director of Video, Europe, Sotheby’s

    James Simpson, Lighting Visualisation, Royal Opera House

    15:45 Afternoon Networking Break

    Storyteller session: Success stories and lessons learned

    The Storyteller session is picture-slide only! Encouraging our experts to really tell the story of their successes and lessons learned so that you can get practical takeaways that impact your business!

    Looking at the most innovative success stories across IT Digital transformation, storyteller sessions end the first day of the conference with some of the industry’s most innovative experts.

    16:10 Successfully developing a company-wide IT strategy to drive efficiency

    Adam Forde, CIO, Berendsen

    16:25 Case Study: Putting security at the heart of the digital business

    Michael Wignall, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft UK

    16:40 AI in action: making people a competitive advantage in a digital age
    16:55 Embracing a paradigm shift: The journey to becoming a digitally enabled business

    Neil Crockett, Chief Digital Officer, Rolls-Royce

    17:10 Transforming systems and culture: nothing matters without your people strategy
    17:25 Storyteller Q&A

    Adam Forde, CIO, Berendsen

    Neil Crockett, Chief Digital Officer, Rolls Royce

    Michael Wignall, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft UK 

    17:55 End of day one

    Day 2 Agenda: Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

    9:30 Cross-sector industry panel: Roadmap for becoming a Digital Master

    The next generation is here and enterprises embracing digital transformation and disruptive innovations are more profitable, have higher levels of customer satisfaction and are beginning to dominate fastest growing company lists. How do you create a business that welcomes transformation and adopts to new paradigms? Our cross-sector industry panel shares best practice on:

    • Creating a business culture that welcomes digital transformation
    • Creating processes and guidelines for implementation
    • Disrupt or be disrupted: Staying a step ahead of competitors

    Chair: Sarah Ellis, Head of Digital Development, Royal Shakespeare Company 


    Michael Natusch, Global Head of AI, Prudential

    Louise McCarthy, Former Director Global Digital Transformation, EBRD

    Amer Mohammed, Head of Digital Innovations, Stena Line

    Andrew Isenman, Head of Innovation, Heathrow

    Lisa Barrett, Director, Ministry of Justice

    10:30 Networking Break & Exhibitor Demos

    ​Technology to enhance performance and reduce costs

    We have seen examples of how VR/AR and wearables can enhance  service but what impact do they have on business productivity and cost reduction? Collaborative virtual environments, workforce training, virtual tours and site visits etc. could all boost productivity and reduce costs but what are best-practice deployment strategies? In the case of wearables, there are numerous examples of deployments that enhance performance in sport, collaboration in retail and reduce costs through a fitter, healthier workforce. This session looks at best-practice deployment strategies and lessons learned.

    • Can wearables impact performance; What can be learned from sport?

    • Reducing costs through mixed reality

    • Technology to maximise productivity  

    11:00 The impact of VR and AR for costs and performance in the automotive industry

    Igor Kovalev, IT Manager UK, Ford Motor Company

    11:15 Wearables in the workforce: What can we learn from sport?

    Scott Drawer, Head of Performance Hub, Imagineer, Team Sky

    11:30 Implementing AR/VR to benefit performance in schools

    Graham Lawrie, Director of Innovation & Outreach, Sevenoaks School

    11:45 Maximising productivity through tech: Lessons learnt

    Mark Christian, Global Director, Immersive Learning, Pearson

    12:00 Deploying AR to enhance healthcare efficiency and performance

    Max Jair Ortiz Catalan, Associate Professor, Chalmers University of Technology

    12:15 Creating VR and AR experiences to drive interst and sales

    Christophe Mallet, Co-founder, Somewhere Else

    12:30 Panel: maximising performance and cost-reduction through effective tech deployments


    Christophe Mallet, Co-Founder, Somewhere Else

    Igor Kovalev, IT Manager UK, Ford Motor Company

    Max Jair Ortiz Catalan, Associate Professor, Chalmers University of Technology

    Scott Drawer, Head of Performance Hub, Imagineer, Team Sky

    Graham Lawrie, Director of Innovation & Outreach, Sevenoaks School

    Mark Christian, Global Director, Immersive Learning, Pearson

    12:50 Networking Lunch & Exhibitor Demos

    Aligning tech innovation with business strategy: A look at different industries

    AR, VR & Wearables have a disruptive potential to fundamentally change long-standing business processes, connecting with staff and customers in ways that have not been possible before. The time to evolve is now. An integrated approach is necessary to ensure that disruptive tech forms a core part of business strategy. How do you set up a culture that embraces this technology and stays a step-ahead of competitors during a period when the market is volatile and evolving fast?

    • Long term technology plans: How will AR, VR & Wearables align?

    • Removing fear of change and putting technology at the core of business process

    • Justifying capital expenditure: What can be expected in terms of ROI?

    14:10 Transport and engineering: Ensuring business strategy enables digital transformation

    Andrew Isenman, Enterprise Mobility Lead, Heathrow

    14:25 Entertainment and media: Embracing the disruptive potential of new technology in media

    Martin Percy, Bafta Winning VR Director

    14:40 Healthcare: Using technology to better understand patients as people

    Andy DeLaO, @CancerGeek

    14:55 Charity: The impact of digital storytelling for purpose-led organisations

    Marisol Grandon, Founder and CEO, Unfold Stories

    15:10 Video: Embracing emerging tech in branding and advertising

    Tom Williams, Co-Founder & CEO, Ostmodern

    15:25 Panel session: Bringing enterprise tech back to the future


    Tom Williams, Co-founder and CEO, Ostmodern

    Andy DeLaO,  @CancerGeek

    Bengu Atamer, Co-founder & Director, BuzzMyVideos

    Martin Percy, Bafta Winning VR Director

    Marisol Grandon, Founder & CEO, Unfold Stories

    Nadine Hachach-Haram Surgeon & Co-founder, Proximie 

    15:50 Networking Coffee Break
    16:00 Developing immersive tech: A masterclass session

    The masterclass session invites a deeper dive look into the technology behind VR/AR to get your key questions answered. An intimate cabaret-style workshop ensures you can hear from the industries leading practitioners on the latest evolving technology and get your key questions answered!

    16:45 End of AR/AR and Wearables

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